Marion has a true passion for helping others reach their full potential whether from a personal or business perspective and a true belief that the two can be intertwined. Always willing to listen intently, give constructive feedback and challenge where it’s needed. Marion utilises her great capacity for empathy and understanding to quickly build rapport and an ease to talk though any issues. Marion uses a variety of tools which are geared towards the individual, giving space to help you understand your own priorities in life and work. She then uses her expertise and coaches by asking questions which allow you time to reflect and come up with options and conclusions which are based on you and your needs/wants.

I have seen her work with people to allow them to further understand their personal goals and make life changing decisions which have had a very positive effect. Extremely experienced in business, Marion understands the complexities and challenges of working in high pressure environments which has helped me work through issues in relation to work-life balance as well as enhancing my self-belief and confidence.

Janice, HR Business Manager, BSkyB