My philosophy to coaching is to create a space for each individual to know themselves as they really are, embrace and enjoy this, and find their own strategies to achieve their full potential.

To recognise the beauty in everyone, including ourselves, and be authentic to who we are, can be a brave step and coaching is here to support each unique journey with a balance of unconditional positive regard, listening and challenge.

My coaching is there to support the unique needs of each individual, allowing room for the desired changes to occur and continue to flourish after our time is over. Individuals will leave coaching with a greater understanding of themselves, the changes they put in place, and an understanding of how to support themselves in the future.

The benefits organisations can achieve through the investment in coaching include:

  • Increased employee engagement leading to reduced costs through staff retention
  • Increase in staff morale and productivity
  • Improved success of change programmes
  • Improved leadership performance, leading to further achievement of individual and team goals.

My programmes are individually built with input from my clients to ensure they meet the exact needs of their business and are aligned to their overall strategy. The programmes draw on the disciplines of NLP, coaching, and leadership thinking along with my 20 years of leadership experience.