Unique people | unique businesses | making a difference

At Imagine Coaching and Consulting I believe in the fact that we are all human beings, with great talents, that when recognised can achieve great things. Moving towards this can be a brave step, as it requires us to be honest, real and authentic in all our interactions with others.

If we can do this together, we start to realise the one thing that gives every business true competitive advantage, which is their people. They are unique and in turn make each business unique. Not only are the people unique, the way to realise their potential is also unique to each business.

Questions are the expressive, probing language for growing others; listening is the receptive, facilitating language for growing others; these two complementary approaches create a continuous growth conversation loop that underpins all my programmes.

Imagine Coaching and Consulting provides a range of interventions, based on these principles, that can support a business on its journey to embracing a culture of authenticity and courage. It often initiates with a strategy to support the desired organisational culture.

I work with each client on their strategy, to build the right programme that suits their individual needs. These interventions include coaching, Leadership development and team development, either individually or as part of an overall cultural review and change programme.